Africa Born’s Favourite Properties in Kenya

There are many phenomenal places to stay throughout Kenya and so choosing a top 10 was difficult.  At the core of our principles is to offer you the most authentic and inspirational adventure without compromising comfort or luxury.  We prefer to support boutique and off the beaten track owner-managed properties where you know your stay has a direct impact on the conservation and community surrounding that area.  Properties that value renewable resources and offer sustainability to the environment in which they operate.  All of these are essential for the preservation of these wild spaces for future generations.  We love a mixture of lodges and tented camps and even special private homes, and have summarized below some of the ones with a special place in our hearts:

Our most favourite experience is of course our private mobile camp.  This gives us complete freedom to build the camp in any area, fully off the beaten track, often in our own core conservation areas, to offer our guests unmatched exclusivity.  This is truly the most authentic way to experience safari… the way they did in a bygone era when explorers were first discovering these wild lands. 

Mara Plains is a small, luxury tented camp nestled in the trees on the edge of the Ntiakatek stream in the 35,000 acre private Olare-Motorogi Conservancy, which borders the infamous Maasai Mara National Reserve.  Owned by Great Plains who are renowned in the industry for their passion for conservation whilst offering a very personal, high-level service.

Arijiju and Laragai are two stunning private houses that we absolutely LOVE – located on a private conservancy on the northern slopes of Kenya these exclusive homes offer exquisite accommodation surrounded by wilderness filled with the Big 5.

If you would rather stay somewhere a little more sociable then there is nowhere better than Borana Lodge – a delightful property owned and managed by the founders of the conservancy – you will be welcomed like family and feel right at home!

Lewa Wilderness and Sirikoi Lodge are both located on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, adjacent to Borana this conservancy is also fabulous with phenomenal wildlife.  The thing we love most about both of these conservancies is the ability to get involved in a myriad of different activities, from guided walks to mountain biking, from horseback rides to going behind the scenes with the rangers to learn more about what they do – it’s an incredibly unique and authentic experience and invaluable for the little people in the group to see and experience all facets of safari life.

Sasaab is the jewel of Samburu, located in a community run conservancy offering unparalleled exclusivity this area is rich with jaw dropping landscapes, incredibly authentic culture and a wilderness not usually experienced elsewhere.  A highlight here is riding four wheelers along dry river beds to your fly camp setup in a private spot where you can sleep out under the brightest blanket of stars in the milky way.

Ol Malo is another fabulous owner managed property located on the Laikipia Plateau.  This place is all out fun and adventure –a 5,000 acre privately-owned game sanctuary of spectacular bush country overlooked by Mount Kenya and teeming with the elusive antelope from which the land takes its name. In this majestic setting - on a rock escarpment on the edge of the Laikipia Plateau and bordering the tribal heartlands of the nomadic Samburu people – the owners and their Samburu neighbours have created a home for themselves and a dream destination for the privileged few who seek a glimpse into the true heart of Africa.

The final favourite is Enasoit – a luxury private tented camp nestled in the foothills of Mount Kenya, with over 4,000 acres of pure wilderness to explore and experience on an exclusive basis. Guests enjoy the camp as well as the wildlife reserve on a purely exclusive-use basis – an ideal retreat for families and groups of friends. The Camp and private wildlife reserve sits within a natural wildlife corridor. Guests can explore the reserve on horseback, on foot or by vehicle, or simply watch the wildlife wander past from their verandah – enjoying both the tranquility and thrill of a safari without seeing any other visitors.

Looks amazing, right?

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