Tamara on Tsavo Trust

Conservation is at the heart of all we do at Africa Born, and that passion for the beautiful and fragile wildlife and ecosystems of Africa runs through the whole team. Not least in Tamara on our sales team, who grew up in the bush and whose father, Richard Moller is the highly-respected conservationist and the Co-Founder of Tsavo Trust.

Tam joined the Africa Born team in 2022 and is a valued and knowledgeable member of our sales team.

From an early age, Tamara worked as part of the Tsavo team: a truly incredible field-based, not-for-profit that protects the Tsavo Conservation Area in Kenya. Tsavo is an unbelievably special corner of Kenya. It is one of the world’s largest - but least populated - wildlife sanctuaries, particularly well known for its vast herds of elephants, and one of our favourite spots for those guests that really like to travel with purpose.

Tamara is not only an absolute oracle on Tsavo, but her deep passion for Kenya’s wildlife, indigenous cultures and their fascinating traditions brings a real authenticity to our itineraries.

And given that Tamara tied the knot earlier this month with James Lewin - who is an incredible wildlife photographer and guide - we thought this was the perfect moment to introduce her to you all. Congratulations Tamara and James!

Tam's husband is a renowned wildlife photographer but Tam was the one who first ignited his passion for photography.

Ten minutes with Tamara:

Describe Tsavo in five words:

Vast, diverse, arid, wild and (of course) tuskers.

Vast, diverse, arid and wild plains of Tsavo National Park. © Tsavo Trust

Your proudest moment as part of the Tsavo Trust team:

Tsavo Trust works closely with local county governments to support the many communities living alongside the National Parks. I have been fortunate enough to work on some brilliant Tsavo projects such as upgrading the first dispensary in the area and constructing beehive fences, with the aim of keeping elephants off local farmers’ crops.

Tsavo National Park is famous for its Tuskers © Tsavo Trust

Tell us something we don’t know about Tsavo:

Can I cheat and tell you three things?!
- Firstly, Tsavo is home to 20% of Kenya's black rhino population.
- Tsavo it is one of just two places where you’ll find the endangered hirola species (a rare type of antelope.
- Tsavo is home to approximately 50% of all the super tusker elephants left in the whole of Africa.

Tsavo is home to 20% of Kenya's black rhino population. © Tsavo Trust

Your most memorable elephant encounter in Tsavo:

Spending a moment with one of Tsavo's last female iconic tuskers (Mudanda), just months before she passed away.

Top tips for those visiting Tsavo on safari:

Tsavo is one of Africa's last real remaining wilderness areas: it comprises 49% of Kenya's protected areas. It's harsh but the wildlife opportunities are rare. Tsavo offers a staggering variety of rare, high-valued species including wild dog, rhino, pangolin and, of course, vast herds of elephants. When visiting Tsavo with Africa Born, you get to dig that little bit deeper. Africa Born works with numerous Tsavo-based conservation organisations and it’s through these connections that guests can meet some of the parks’ most inspiring figures and incredible wildlife.

The Tsavo West NP Intensive Protection Zone (IPZ), provides an ideal large space for free roaming black rhinos in a prime National Park. © Tsavo Trust

Where will Tsavo be in five years:

I feel really positive about the future of Tsavo. Thanks to the many conservation Tsavo organisations that support the Kenya Wildlife Service, I genuinely believe that Tsavo will continue to hold vast numbers of wildlife. Unfortunately, like many protected areas in Africa, the human population around the Tsavo National Parks is ever increasing and causing immense pressure on wildlife and their natural habitats. My hope for the future is that we will see communities become equal shareholders in the conservation efforts in this area and become custodians of Tsavo’s wildlife.

Aerial surveillance by Tsavo Trust and KWS maps poachers' movements and monitors hot spots that require attention. © Tsavo Trust

Looks amazing, right?

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